If You Are One Of These Kids, Read On. You Might Be Like Me

Today my mom was anxious about why I don’t have friends, here is what happened:

As you see, I don’t have friends and people bullies me. I only have friends for a short while, I have only one best friend, but we also get into fights. I feel alone and left out from everything my friends and I hate it.

I then disscusted about having only one best friend with mom and she advised me about thinking what might help and thinking about what can improve of me compared to the most famous student in the school.

First I thought about sharing more because I think that I didn’t share. But then, would it make any difference? Really? Would it make the other respect me and be friends with me and stop the bullying? I don’t think so.

Then I thought about making myself as strong as my friend, PPJ who is the strongest and smartest, but I thought harder and realized that wouldn’t work too.

When others at school bullied me, they say I don’t help people, so I thought hard and finally came up with an idea of asking people if they needs help and offer to help them if they wants it. I should change, before, only if they asked me I will help them, and sometime I even refused.



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Frank X. Do

I’m a boy bless by the very hands of god to be the mixture of JK Rowling, Steven Spielberg, and Bob Dylan.