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Sunday 6 June 1678

I heard from villagers that there is a hole that looks like a smile in the ground. They called it the “Smile Hole”.

I am seeking to find things unusual to keep people from going there. at the hole, I saw a ramp. I got down and I saw a maybe school thing

which is much bigger than normal. In the front of the school there is a sign. Wait. a human is behind it. He is long and he has nothing on his face but a smile!!! I am frightened he can stretch his arms out so long!!! I have got to ru

Smile of the two big kids,

with the power of a stupid idiot.

The much they can, the might of trance.

Finding the kid patroned by the Smile man.

One shall die, three shall fight.

And let all of them an ugly death.

Smile Man

Chapter 6 : JAKE

I was furious to get Non back but I still checked the map for the poem. The school map hung on a wall of holes and there are a lot of wet places on the map where it is scrubbed off but I can still see the letters. The nearests are the theater, auction room, secondary, and the principal office.

First I thought about the auction room. They have a table that is almost as tall as a person and that is the first line.

The table rise, but they don’t have the diamond shine. What can it be? I thought of the last two lines

Where there is no hope, is where you shall go. I wavered and thought about the principal office, where I always thought “Hopeless, this is the end” and I remembered the ring on the principal’s hand and the tall table leaning against the wall. That is the place. I told Jasper my idea and we got on the way.

After a few close encounters with skulls and sinkable blood, we found the principal office only to know that there was another note:

Three days of night,

three days of fight.

The biggest price,

for the only prize.

“That…” Jasper stilled, “That doesn’t sound very…ur… very…frightening?”

I have no time for jokes, so I thought. “So the main parts are ‘Fighting, Prices, and Prizes’.” I thought out loud, this is hard. I went to the map again. and again from the bottom I looked at every room and thought but there are no rooms like it. So I thought to check every room for notes, but that will take at least 3 days in this school.

What should I do? Typical question, and very much obvious with a sidekick of unhelpfulness.

“I think we can search the school internet, will that work?” Jasper said, then replied, “No, there are no internets here.”

I thought of the riddle but a creepy-crawly feeling came to me, I turned my back on Jasper,

but the feeling is still there, like thousands of bugs on my back. “Hey, do you know there are thousands of bugs on your back?” Jasper said,

I turned, “WHAT?!” sure enough, there are a lot of bugs on my back. I swatted at them, Jasper squashed them, but they all suddenly scuttered off and I realized that something must be wrong.




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